Michael Szatmary Project
24. 09. 2015, 8pm
Gorila.sk Urban Space
URBAN_FM NIGHTS Presents Michael Szatmary Project LIVE with Jimi Cimbala on guitar, Samo Alexander on bass and Katie takes mic as lead singer.
09. 05. 2015, 11pm
Nu Spirit Club, Bratislava
I will play my 3 hour long electronic set, which includes 4 live played Depeche Mode and Camouflage tracks.
Michael Szatmary LIVE on stage
15. 12. 2013, 8pm
Lucerna Bar, Prague, Czech Republic
Support Act for Camouflage. More details to come...
Michael Szatmary LIVE on stage
14. 12. 2013, 8pm
MMC, Bratislava, Slovakia
Support Act for Camouflage. I will be playing Live on stage with my band. Bass: Samo Alexander, drums: Peter Stanko, Sax: Erik Rothenstein and vocal: Brigita. 
GayPride Bratislava
21. 09. 2013, 1PM
Hviezdoslavovo square, Bratislava, Slovakia

I will play my DJ set on no roof Bus during the Bratislava Pride.

For mor information click HERE !

Depeche mode party at Nu Spirit Club
07. 09. 2013, 8 PM
Nu Spirit Club, Safarikovo nam, Bratislava
On stage together with Brigita (vocals) and Samo Alexander (bass) at biggest synthi pop party of the year. Entrance fee 5 euro.
Michael Szatmary LIVE on stage
16. 02. 2013, 8pm
Plebs Na Bitunku, Bratislava
more details to come...
Michael Szatmary LIVE on stage
01. 12. 2012, 10pm
KC Dunaj, Bratislava, SNP square
Winter Pride sensation! Live on stage ft Brigita at KC Dunaj, Bratislava, 10pm.
Michael Szatmary LIVE on stage
08. 09. 2012, 9pm
Å ala, MetroClub, Slovakia
09. 06. 2012, 10pm - 1AM
KC Dunaj, Bratislava, SNP square

I will be playing at gaypride afterparty my latest DJ set. This time behind mix, instead my synthetizers. You all are invited!


Here is my videoclip where i show support for gay and lesbian movement. You can see it HERE!

Michael Szatmary ft Kyka Hammel LIVE - Opening Act for ERASURE
16. 11. 2011, 8PM
Bratislava, Slovakia, Sportova hala Pasienky
Legendary synthi duo Erasure released this year new album named "Tomorrow`s World". Vincent Clark and Andrew Bell are on a world tour now and will have one live show in Slovakia.

I am honored together with singer Kyka Hammel to be the opening act before their show here in Bratislava. get ready for 30 minutes LIVE performance.

I believe that we will be the best power up of Erasure.

Dont miss it! See you at 16th November.

Tickets available here: http://web.ticketstream.cz/skts/presentation.event.jsp?event=47904
Michael Szatmary DJ SET for Gay Pride 2011
04. 06. 2011, 9:45 pm
Lod Cafe Bratislava
I am supporting the gay and lesbian rights and therefore i didnt hasitate, when the organizers asked me to play.
Szatmoshphere II
28. 05. 2011, 8PM
CLUB LOFT, Bratislava


is proud to present LIVE ON STAGE:

• Michael Szatmary


Allie V - vocals
Verona Kramarova - flute
Samo Alexander – bass
Peter Stanko – drums
and star guest: Snežana Jovic - Werner - vocals

Nela Horváthová - vocals
Vladimira Mižúrová - vocals
Ján Hedera - keyboards
Martin Kalivoda - keyboards
Lukáš Šiška - drums

And special appearance by:

including special guest, stand up and new songs

After party till dawn with
• DJ Maroš Rašla

Entrance fee: 8 Euro

Tickets are available here

Szatmoshpere: place without violence, racial, sexual or religious differences. place full of love, respect and tolerance.

Live Act with synthi legend Camouflage
18. 03. 2011, 24:00
MMC Club (former YMCA) Bratislava, Slovakia
Michael Szatmary ft. Kyka Hammel will perform on the Camouflage! Live Show at the Afterparty. Together also with great drummer Peter Stanko and bass player Samo Alexander
Hawaii End of summer party
16. 10. 2010, 9 pm
Bratislava, SUJY Club
Me perfoming at SUJY club latest DJ sets
Earthdance - global dance festival
18. 09. 2010, 19.00
Jamaica - little paradise, Na dunajskej hradzi za Slovnaftom

Michael Szatmary ft. Kyka Hammel LIVE on Stage
14. 08. 2010, 15.45
TV Markiza, Bratislavska 1, Slovakia
Live performance during the Day of the open door at TV Markiza. Together with other slovak and czech singers and bands on front of 30 000 viewers.
Duhovy Pride 2010
22. 05. 2010, 4 pm
Hviezdoslavov square, Bratislava, Slovakia
Live performance with band is part of great Rainbow Pride, which takes place for the first time in Slovakia. more here:www.duhovypride.sk
Szatmosphere 2010 - Michael Szatmary Live on Stage
15. 05. 2010, 20.00
Lod Cafe, Tyrsovo nabrezie, Bratislava, Slovakia
Live performance
22. 08. 2009, 8 PM
Cafe Bar Pierrot Palisady 29, Bratislava
Pre - release party for upcoming new CD "Between Years"